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    Smart Phone Cooling Fan Cellphone Cooler Attachable Radiator for Mobile Gaming

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    • Fast Cooling Effect: The Mobile Phone Cooler Fan has an improved design for fast heat dissipation, which can cool down effectively in seconds, reduce the loss of phone batteries, and prolong the service life.
    • Compact Size: The Smart Phone Cooling Fan is designed with a compact size and lightweight, which is convenient and portable for everywhere use, easy to grip with its ergonomic design, and play games freely.
    • Even Heat Dissipating: The Cell Phone Radiator is equipped with a unique heat sink, which can provide an effective heat dissipation effect and a large enough heat dissipation area to cover the CPU and battery.
    • High-Quality Materials: The Cellphone Radiator Cooler Fan is designed with the Peltier effect as the prototype, made from semiconductor refrigeration raw materials, which ensures great efficiency and excellent cooling effect.
    • Wide Application: The Phone Cooling Fan for Gaming is compatible with all types of iOS/Android phones with a size of about 4-6.7inch, equipped with an adjustable soft silicone buckle, suitable for widths less than 80mm/3.15inch.

    Type: Phone Cooler

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