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    For Tesla Model 3 Y X S Magnetic Phone Holder Car Mount Bracket

    • Enhance your driving experience with this sleek and versatile car phone holder.
    • Designed for Tesla Model 3 Y X S, it comes with a magnetic touch screen phone mount bracket that allows you to easily secure your device while on the road.
    • With its ultra slim aluminum construction and black color, this holder seamlessly blends with your car's interior and adds a touch of sophistication.
    • This mount features a sturdy magnet that provides a strong hold for your phone, ensuring that it stays in place even on bumpy rides.
    • Its height of 5 MM, length of 125 MM, and width of 35 MM make it compatible with most smartphones.
    • This car phone holder is the perfect solution for hands-free phone calls, navigation, and entertainment while driving.

    Type: Car Kits