New Android is coming - Android 4.4 KitKat Preview

October 02, 2013

Sources say that Android 4.4 will be released on the 14th of October, with many changes in graphics and also some improvement in performance. What are the major updates and what will be improved? Let's find out.

Android KitKat chocolates are available in local markets to make this release even sweeter.

1. Optimization in Legacy data

The new Android will be built on Linux 3.8 kernel. It will require less memory, and the apps will run smoothly even with 512MB of Ram. Will this be a game changer, or just a lighter version of the current Android? We'll have to wait for the answer to this question, but obviously, not a bad news.

2. Holo theme will be gone

In the new android, you will not be able to find the holo theme in the color category.

Picture on the right shows the new design for dial buttons. Love or hate? Some say it looks a bit like the new iOS.

3. Re-designed home screen icons

This is a picture of the proto-type version of Google's upcoming Nexus 5 phone.

Flat icons, new designed buttons, and faster speed.
Prettier and lighter Android is coming.

Draw a circle on the 14th of Oct. on your calender :)

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