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    Introducing All-New MyPhoneCase.com

    April 01, 2013

    Introducing All-New MyPhoneCase.com

    All-New MyPhoneCase.com is officially launched.

    We've been working months to re-build our web store, and it's finally finished!


    Major Changes:

    1. Server
    This was the beginning of new website project; moving base merchant server from Volusion to Shopify, because of Volusion's poor customer service and unstable up-time, we've decided to move ASAP. 
    Yes, it wasn't an easy decision to make since we have already uploaded lots products under V's server; Cart migration service was not 100% trustful because it's the computer system doing the work, and these 2 carts are constructed under completely different structure.
    We had to start everything over, so it took us hundreds of hours, but we do not regret, for our website now functions better than ever!
    You can expect faster page loading time, and more reliable check out system as a result.

    2. Design
    Simpler interface, moore photos, and better typography.
    You can easily tell that it's completely remodeled and well updated.
    Thanks to our brilliant graphic designer Sae Rom Lee, and Shopify's great graphic engine by SandGate.

    3. No more sub-menus. Introducing 'Tag's.
    Items are categorized using their own tags, so they can easily be categorized under the main menu.
    In each page, there's direct link to the upper menu(main category), and it helps you to navigate our website more easily.
    For example, if you're looking for a case for iPhone 4, you no longer have to go to 'apple' first to get into the page you wanted to see. Instead, you can just click the main category 'Apple' then click or search for the tag 'iPhone 4' to find the case you want.

    Currently, we're working hard to fix broken links, and updating/fixing postings on
    Pinterest and Facebook.
    What do you think about our new look?
    Comment below to share your opinion. Any comment will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time, and happy shopping with MPC!

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