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    Few ways to maximize your smartphone's battery life

    September 20, 2013

    Few ways to maximize your smartphone's battery life


    Smartphone battery life

    Have you ever been in panic mode when your phone is out of juice and dead when you need to use it?
    Is the battery of your smartphone already low in the afternoon even though you fully charged it in the morning?
    I'm pretty sure most of you experienced similar situations.
    Unfortunately, the battery technology has not been developed as fast as mobile technology being rapidly developed. 

    Though, it's not the end of the world for your phone.
    Here are some tips to extend your smartphone's battery life.

    1. Dim Your Screen Brightness
    Obviously, dimming your screen will reduce the power consumption.
    Keep in mind, that the screen is the part that consumes most of your phone's juice.

    2. Stay Cool
    Many people already know that leaving the smartphones in the heated car may cause poor battery life.
    This is actually true; higher temperature causes to reduce the battery's overall quality.
    This doesn't mean your battery will be in better condition if you live in North Pole or South Pole, but keeping your phone away from heated locked up car will definitely help your phone's battery life. 

    3. Don't worry about overcharging. 
    Most smartphones use lithium-ion batteries nowadays. This means you don't have to worry about partial charge. When many cell phones used to use nickel-cadmium batteries, they needed to be fully charged / fully used several times to obtain maximum capacity(for the battery actually indicated and remembered the length of the charging time and etc.), but the lithium-ion is smart(?) enough to prevent itself from overcharging(after the full charge, phone does not charge/use the battery, but convert the device into a 'connected' mode), so partial/over charging is not a major problem anymore.

    4. Turn off the features you don't use.
    When you don't use Bluetooth, GPS location service, or Wi-Fi, TURN THEM OFF because your phone uses more power to seek for those features. Plus, use Airplane mode when you are in poor-signal area.

    5. Use a battery case or external battery charger.
    If your battery consumption is more than others or your battery is too old, get a battery case. There are many choices of battery cases in the market. Do you have more than just one smartphone? You might want to consider getting a portable external battery charger. It comes with universal USB adapters.

    For more information on External battery packs, CLICK HERE or search 'external battery' at myphonecase.com

    Looking for a battery case? Try searching 'battery case' or CLICK HERE to view them.


    External battery for smartphone


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