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Speck iPhone 5/5S/SE PixelSkin Case - Lemongrass Yellow

Made of high-quality silicone, PixelSkin gives you a satisfying no-slip grip in hand. The cushiony, “pixel” shaped texture also adds serious shock absorbing impact protection to your phone.
PixelSkin features a raised rubbery bezel edge around the screen, which protects your screen if it falls screen-first, and gives it no-slip stability when you place it face down. This iPhone case also features press-thru button covers, which are protective and also satisfyingly soft to press.

- Form-fit one piece silicone construction
- Rubbery, comfortable tiled texture
- Raised screen bezel and rubberized button covers
- Smooth grid texture for a comfortable grip

Package Contents:
- Speck iPhone 5/5S PixelSkin Case - Lemongrass Yellow

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