Military Grade Ring Stand iPhone XR (6.1") Case - Black

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  • Specialized in manufacturing, the independent all-in-one key, port and camera hole position correspond to the mobile phone precisely, and the control is flexible and convenient; Simple installation, together with ontology, with 360 ° drop protection.
  • Metal ring can rotate 360°, solid support, convenient video browsing; Unique patented technology design, PC integrated shell material, bearing capacity is stronger, firm and not easy to fall off; It can be placed on the table smoothly without wearing out the shell of the phone; The back USES CD - grain metal patch, with car - mounted support, available for car - mounted control.
  • Adopting PC+TPU two-in-one design, with a PC shell, which is strong and durable and crash-proof; Lined with TPU, good flexibility, tight fitting, can effectively reduce wear; Outside the use of wear-resistant PC metal coating, feel good, skid-proof, sweat-proof, non-touch fingerprint, resistant to dirt, easy to wipe, long-term smooth as new.
  • Specially designed for Apple iPhone XR (2018 Model).

    Type: iPhone Xr