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iPhone 11 Pro Max Extra Extended Battery Case 5000mAh

  • [✔️Genuine OEM] Top seller on Google/Bing
  • [✈️Shipping from US] USPS First Class
  • [👍🏻 Best Price Online] Compare to MSRP($50)
  • [Large Battery Capacity] This charging case has 5000mAh high quality Li-polymer battery, offers extra 150% battery life for your phone. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety and awkward moments.
  • [Full Protection] Full-edge protection case protects your iPhone against collision and scratching. It is easy to insect the phone into the case and to slid it out.
  • [LED Indicators] The LED indicators let you know exactly how much battery power is available (4 lights 100%, 3 lights 75%, 2 lights 50%, 1 light 25%) and the power switch turns on / off the case. It can be carried on plane in trips without any issues.