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Ghostek Atomic 3 Waterproof iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 (4.7") Case - Silver

As a seasoned spy, you know that every high-stakes mission begins with gadgets capable of handling the tasks ahead.  That’s why you chose the Ghostek iPhone 7 Waterproof Case from the Ghostek Atomic 3 Series over all the other iPhone cases on the market.

Personalizing your gadgets is an essential strategy to avoid mixing your equipment up with other spies. With six different color options for the alloy bumper, you have a phone case that showcases your personal style, plus a clear back that shows off your phone’s natural beauty. 

As you sneak aboard a cargo ship for your next mission, you know you don’t have to worry about your phone’s survival. Your virtually indestructible iPhone 7 Waterproof Case will take care of that for you. 

You hide away in a dark, cramped closest to record the crew’s incriminating discussions. The criminals have practically imprisoned themselves with their own words. Easy access to all buttons, ports, and controls prevents you from fumbling as you send the evidence back to headquarters. 

Even when you’re discovered by the thugs and the phone flies from your hand across the hard metal floor, you can focus on your opponents. Thanks to the aluminum alloy bumper, you don’t have to worry about catching your phone. Instead, you can direct all your attention to blocking bad guys’ fists.

After a few rounds of punches drive the thugs back (your martial art training really paid off), you manage to retrieve your phone. The scratch-resistant, touch sensitive screen guard kept your phone screen scratch free and fully responsive to your touch in spite of the fall.  And since you can use Touch ID to gain quick entry, you don’t have to take the time to punch in codes while dodging attackers just so you can switch on your strobe light and alarm app. 

Now that they’re stunned by the blinding lights and ear-piercing noise, you knock the thugs out and make your escape. You have the evidence you need and the guards temporarily disabled, so you stride to the edge of the ship and jump overboard. You know your phone is protected from water up to one meter deep for as long as thirty minutes, which gives you plenty of time to swim to your fellow agent waiting in the escape boat. 

As you speed away, you pull out your phone. It's still intact thanks to the iPhone 7 Waterproof Case. In the unlikely event that the iPhone 7 case doesn't survive a mission, you know you’re covered with Ghostek’s Lifetime Limited Exchange. Your iPhone 7 will always be ready for another adventure. Mission accomplished.

Type: iPhone 7

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