icon [2+2] iPhone 13 Pro (6.1") Tempered Glass Screen / Camera Protector [4-Pack]

    [2+2] iPhone 13 Pro (6.1") Tempered Glass Screen / Camera Protector [4-Pack]

    • [✔️Genuine OEM] Top seller on Google/Bing
    • [✈️Shipping from US] USPS First Class
    • [👍🏻 Best Price Online] Compare to MSRP($25)
    • Ultra-thin and curved design: Made of 0.33mm ultra-thin tempered glass, maintaining 99.99% response sensitivity and touch, bringing you a perfect touch experience. The arc edge reaches more than 2.5D, which makes the fingers and hands feel comfortable and never scratches.
    • Anti-fingerprint and HD function: The surface of the protective film is treated with a plasma oleophobic coating, which is very smooth, effectively prevent fingerprints from sweat and grease, making the screen very easy to clean. 99.99% optical-grade light transmittance, effectively blocking and filtering ultraviolet rays, and enhancing the visibility of the screen.
    • AR technology and night shooting function: Using augmented reality "seamless" fusion new technology, with enhanced light transmission function, no need to design the flash hole position, even if the flash is turned on at night , it can be 99.99 % Guarantee the original quality of photos and videos.

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