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    [VR-Box] Universal 3D VR Headset (4.5" - 6" screen)

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    • 3D Viewing Glasses Focal and Pupil Distance Adjustable Virtual Reality Glasses Case.
    • With high-grade material, this VR glasses case will give you a wonderful wearing experience.
    • It has a streamlined and elegant appearance, making your headset more beautiful and perfect.
    • The position of phone can be moved at any time even while watching movies or playing games.
    • It is well designed to fit the contour of your face perfectly when you wear the 3D glasses.
    • You can get free from your glasses while enjoying the 3D movies or games with the virtual reality glasses.
    • This elegant and lightweight iPhone case is made of high-quality leather for an extra-long service life.
    • High-definition optical resin lenses are harmless to your eyes so you can watch 3D movies more than hours without dizzy.