Samsung's Galaxy Note7 R(or FE) is not just a refurbished Note7?

    June 07, 2017

    Samsung's Galaxy Note7 R(or FE) is not just a refurbished Note7? | MyPhoneCase.com

    Galaxy Note7 is coming back?

    Last year, Samsung Galaxy Note7 was praised as 'the most perfected android' and created lots of positive buzz when it first came out. Now we all know that the crown was held only for a short period of time. Samsung recalled the device for a serious battery issue, and it was banned on all U.S. flights due to fire hazard. Many said Samsung will abandon the brand 'Note' and will focus on their flagship(S series) and replace 'Note' with the 'Plus' models, but guess what, it looks like the Note7 will be back very soon.

    Why is Samsung taking such risk?
    What's the reason for Samsung to sell these phones again? Well, many people say it's because of the Greenpeace not allowing Samsung to dispose all the phones(last year, Samsung actually announced that the company will dispose of all the recalled Galaxy Note7 devices and will not repair, refurbish or resell them), and it must be a part of the reasons. If they did dispose all of them as planned, the penalty they have to pay would be incredibly expensive(over 2.5 million sold, more than 90% was returned).

    Another reason would be for the new Galaxy Note series. It was reported that Samsung has been preparing Note 8, and that they had to prove the problem was not about the phone itself, but just the bad batteries that caused the issue(as they announced earlier this year). Samsung must hope that the refurbished Note7 will fix the bad image, and it can also make a statement that Samsung is now acknowledged the problem and thus making safe phones.

    Any changes made to the phone?
    Not much, but Yes. Samsung did not release the official document, but the source reported the battery size will be reduced from 3,500mAh to 3,200mAh.
    Android 7.0 will be on, and from the leaked pictures from the factory in Vietnam, we can assume that the body will be the same(of course).

    Will people give this phone another chance?
    I think it will get another chance for sure. Why? It was reported that the price can be under $500. The phone with powerful performance, IP68 water resistance, fantastic camera, and great s-pen features for a price of used flagship like Galaxy S7 Edge? I know you're already tempted to buy one.

    Is Samsung making a smart move?
    Will Note7(or FE) be on your list when it comes out in July?
    Leave a comment below for your thoughts.

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