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How to turn your Smartphone into a boombox

September 27, 2013

Need to boost your phone's volume?
Here are some tips to make your smartphone louder!

1. Putting your smartphone in a cup or a bowl will amplify the sound.
You got to try this, because it really works!!
(no battery, no money required, but not stylish at all)

3. Make your own 'empty kitchen towel / toilet paper roll' speaker

DIY Speakers
Illustration: Kim Graziano/Tasting Table

The demo illust gives you the idea of how to make one, and how it can amplify your phone speaker.
Cool idea, isn't it?
For easy tutorial on how to make one:

3. Get a soft silicone speaker to amplify sound in a little stylish way.
(no battery, $, little more stylish than the cup)

4. For louder and better sound, get yourself a Bluetooth Speaker.
(battery or USB power maybe required, $$, stylish + loudest way to amplify the sound)

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