Guide: How to Apply a Screen Protector Perfectly

June 18, 2013

Like you care about your own car(to keep its resale value high), protecting your phone is also very important. When the time comes and you decide to sell your phone, you'll find out that good conditioned used smartphone can get up to 70% of its original value.
The back cover and other parts can be replaced with not so much money involved, but t
he LCD screen is the most expensive part of your phone, and you don't want it to be all scratched up.

Think of the screen protector as an insurance for your expensive phone screen.. some very cheap insurance, right?
Let's say you decide to buy one and try to put it on your phone, there might be some issues when applying one: bubbles, finger prints, alignment prob., etc.

If you didn't face any of the problems I listed, great job! :)
But if you're struggling, here's a guide - how to apply a screen protector properly.

Oh, if you don't have a screen protector yet, we sell them for as low as $1.65 / pc

Search 'screen protector' at MyPhoneCase.com for more detail.
Make sure you check the compatibility and buy one for a correctly phone model.


iPhone 5 was used in this Guide; the screen is all dirty now. Let's clean it first.
(sorry about bad drawing XD)

I'm using the attached microfiber towel to clean the screen.
(All of the screen protectors we sell include this handy towel inside the bag.)
Make sure there's no finger print nor dust left on the screen.

Looks very clean now, we're ready to put the film on to the screen.

Peel off (1)film carefully, and do not touch the sticky part of the protector.

Peeling off the (1)film....

Hold only the side of the protector and make sure the film is perfectly aligned around the home button.
(it takes time, so be patient and be really careful when doing it)

If you found some dust, use a piece of scotch tape to remove it beforehand.

Film is clean, the screen is clean, so I'm being very careful aligning the film before putting it onto the screen.

LANDED! I see some bubbles, but thankfully, it's not caused by the dust.
Using a credit card or a plastic applicator, push out the bubbles slowly but firmly.

Pushing out the bubbles to smooth out the surface.

Now is time for peeling off the (2)film, which will expose the actual screen protector itself.

Again, this is not a race, so take enough time and do everything slowly.


Now, put your case back on for a complete protection :)
The case you see in the picture is PhoneAdd Alice Pastel Mint Green Case with Logo Hole.

I don't see bubbles! Woo~hoo!~ XD

There you have it!

Thank you for your time to read this episode of How-to Guide.

Hope all of you can have a dust-free screen protector on your phone!
See you next time.

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