Case Review - Alice Pastel Case for iPhone 5 (Mint)

April 11, 2013

Good afternoon!

In today's blog post, I'd like to introduce one of our best selling iPhone cases,

Alice Pastel Candy Pearl Jelly case for iPhone 5 - Mint / Turquoise.

Let me take this case outside to show you the shimmering feature of the case.
I'm kinda afraid because in photos, it doesn't look as good as its real look.

It really looks better in person, trust me

Anyways, let's go outside.

As you see, the cut out on iPhone 5's camera is just perfect(flash and lens are not covered).

Oh, by the way, what a beautiful weather!
You can't hate the weather in California, for most of the days are sunny and clear :) 
(MyPhoneCase.com is located in La Habra, California 90631).

Going back to the topic,

Again, perfect cutouts for charging port / speaker / lock button

Now, I want to show you the shimmering part of this case.
It's hard to capture with the camera I have, but I'll try my best to show you.

This case BLINGs!

From the photos I took, you can hardly see it, but in person you can easily tell it does shimmer.
In my opinion, this case is the cutest case you can find for iPhone 5.

This case is available at: http://www.myphonecase.com/collections/apple/products/alice-pastel-slim-fit-candy-pearl-case-for-iphone-5-mint-turquoise

Make sure you buy an authentic item.
This case is available only at MyPhoneCase.com

More color choices available at: http://www.myphonecase.com/collections/apple/iphone-5

Thank you!

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