Case Review - Alice Pastel Case for Galaxy S3 (Rich Grey)

April 09, 2013


Hi everyone, this is Joe from MyPhoneCase.com
Today, I'm going to write about my very own case :)
My phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 by Verizon, and the case I'm currently using is the PhoneAdd Alice Pastel GS3 case in Rich Grey color.
As you see, it is dark grey with shimmering pearl. The material that's used to make this case is TPU, which is flexible, but not too soft like silicone, it's actually hard and fits tightly on your phone.

All ports and buttons are fully accessible with perfect cut outs on the case.

This case is very slim and light. It also gives good grip to your hand(you have to actually feel it!).

You see how thin the case is?
It feels really good on hand(I love my case :D). Worrying about thin protection?
Well, I've tried many cases with multi-layered protection, but I didn't like them for their size(hard to put it in my pocket!), and for those cases that have plastic outer cover as an extra protection, the cover is SLIPPERY! I dropped my phone several times because of that, and if the case is causing me to drop the phone, what's the point of bulky protection? Seriously, you have to think about it.

This case is available exclusively at MyPhoneCase.com starting from $7.99.
Get it before it's all gone ;)

Direct link to the item: http://www.myphonecase.com/collections/samsung/products/alice-pastel-slim-fit-candy-pearl-case-for-galaxy-s-iii-grey

This case is available at: http://www.myphonecase.com/collections/samsung/Galaxy-S3

Thank you for your time!

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