Buyer's Guide: Which Galaxy S6 Case should you buy?

April 24, 2015

Buyer's Guide: Which Galaxy S6 Case should you buy? | MyPhoneCase.com

Looking for a galaxy S6 case to protect it from everyday bumps and knocks? A wide range of cases are available on MyPhoneCase.com. I've rounded up some of the top buys on the site for your S6.

(1) Verus Thor Active Extreme Holster Combo.

Crafted with multiple layers for best protection, this case is lightweight and elegant. The exterior hard PC and interior rubber case prevent the phone from sliding over and falling. Discounts worth 57% is applicable for this case. Different color variations are also available.
You can find the case here:

(2) DW Samsung Galaxy S6 Grippy Shell Gel case.

Priced at only $8.95 this case provides ultimate protection for your phone from scratches. The textured surface makes the S6 easier to grip. It's durability and long lasting features make it an excellent choice. You can choose from a variety of colors. The link to this cover is given below.
(Black/Red) http://www.myphonecase.com/collections/galaxy-s6/products/dw-samsung-galaxy-s6-grippy-shell-gel-case-black-red

(3) MYBAT Galaxy S6 case Hybrid Candy Bumper

The Hybrid Candy Bumper Series is craftily designed to allow access to all phone functions. You can match your personal choice by selecting from the different two color combinations. It looks sleek and elegant and at the same time provides good protection for your phone. The price is $8.95. You can view the case here
(Baby Blue) http://www.myphonecase.com/collections/galaxy-s6/products/mybat-galaxy-s6-case-hybrid-candy-bumper-series-clear-baby-blue

In addition to these there are many more galaxy S6 cases available on http://www.myphonecase.com/collections/galaxy-s6.
Do visit the site or click on the links provided to choose the best cover for your phone.


(4) Ballistic Samsung Galaxy S6 Tough Jacket MAXX Case

Ballistic MAXX holster case for Galaxy S6

The Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx Series offers 4 layers of the best engineered drop protection on the market. This case offers a durable holster, port covers, a no-slip grip, reinforced corners, but most important a replaceable, rigid, screen protector that provides amazing impact protection.

Different color/style choices are available:

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